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Monitoring the skid resistance of a pavement's surface is essential from a safety and maintenance perspective. The GripTester is a surface friction tester which is used world-wide to accurately measure skidding resistance. It can be towed at normal traffic speeds or pushed at walking pace. The survey data is collected and stored in a computer. GripTester results are immediately available in a concise and useable format.



GripTester for Roads


The GripTester skid resistance survey is used to:

Identify areas of poor surface friction.

Make informed decisions for maintenance priorities.

Test road and pedestrian area accident sites.

Test horizontal road markings.


There is a well established relationship between GripTester and SCRIM results: GripTester results can be used to derive a SCRIM value.



GripTester and Local Authorities


The GripTester is of particular use to local authorities for the following:

Identifying areas of poor skidding resistance.

Measuring friction characteristics at road and pedestrian accident locations.

Assessing the friction-characteristics of road markings.

Testing for restoration of skid resistance.

Measuring skid resistance after surface restoration.

Assessing surface friction after road reconstruction.



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